Travis Taylor

September 26, 2019

Travis Taylor is a Film/Video Producer/Director/Writer and founder of DigiVid Media in San Diego CA. He began his film and video adventure over 24 years ago working in all aspects of production and crew on T.V. programs, films, documentaries, and industrial shoots. Later Travis went on to work for several years as a Location Manager on T.V. series such as Veronica Mars and Terriers. Here is my IMDB Profile-

Travis then started his own video production company in 2013, creating online videos for all sorts of local and international businesses, practitioners, Doctors, and teachers. Along with traditional video production he began to experiment with all types of interactive media including live multi-camera broadcasts and 360 degree video content for music events, educational events and conferences which is great material for websites and social media content.

Now, moving into the role of an executive producer, director and writer with C47 Studios. Travis looks forward to bringing his creative mind and many years of professional storytelling and production experience to the team and the folks we work with.