C47 Studios in Sunny Chula Vista California

C47 Studios in Chula Vista California is a professional full service video production company providing quality LIVE VIDEO STREAMING services to your favorite platforms or website with sound stage and quality podcasting rooms.  We provide Live HD Quality video, with up to 4 sources, including graphics and greenscreen, allowing you to bring engaging content to your Youtube/FaceBook Page that will bring your audience or customers back for more viewing, and more interaction.  

Our goal is to produce interactive live streaming media that is creative and works best to support your voice, your story, your mission and your vision.  We have talented and experienced resources to propel your project forward into the future of now. We serve clients that are looking to engage, educate and entertain their audience in an open and truthful manner. We strive to work with companies that provide products and services, or stories that are responsible and serve to benefit people, communities and the world at large.  Are you ready to take your business and audience to the next level of live interactive video?  

We can also provide you with any traditional video production service production, shooting and editing to fulfill any number of online or offline needs.  Please feel free to reach out and we would be happy to talk with you about your project. We also provide professional drone footage and 360 degree video productions for those of you that are truly ready for the future and willing to get experimental.  We are ready to create all of your 360 degree videos for the various virtual reality platforms, mobile devices and desktop experiences. Including branded apps to play your 360 videos, teleporting you to the future of storytelling and media.




Audio Recording